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We hope you are staying safe during these testing times. Travel to Japan is not possible for the time being as Japan has shut its borders in order to prevent more infections of COVID19. 

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About Us

 About us

Ed (Edgar) Whalley - Creator of

Born in London and educated in British boarding schools, Ed spent a lot of time growing up in Japan as well as free time after school. His Father being English and his mother is Japanese, he had a great understanding of both cultures and was his goal to bridge both cultures, and show people visiting Japan the real authentic Japan. Ed's mother is from the mountainous region of Yoshino and he now spends most of his life in Kyoto doing tours and adding great travel content and tips to Kansai Local. 

Milosh - chief content creator and videographer

Milosh was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. Interest in Japan started at 13 years of age after seeing the epochal Ghost in the Shell for the first time.  After attending University in Kochi (Shikoku) and Osaka University where he studied education and second language acquisition, he now lives and works in Osaka as an interpreter turned videographer.

Caitlin - content creator and 35mm film enthusiast

Caitlin is an Australian currently living in Kyoto. On her weekends, she loves exploring this country that has become her second home. Her main interests include searching for beautiful and remote places and finding the more quirky side to Japan. She's passionate about film photography, reading, camping, and finding a decent coffee.

Anh - content creator and hiking enthusiast

Anh comes from Danang, Vietnam. She fell in love with Japan at the age of fifteen so decided to go to university in Japan. She's totally addicted to travelling and hiking spending most of her weekends finding off-beaten beautiful places with a variety of nature, especially in the Kansai region. In addition, she is a big fan of street foods and her favourite is ramen. She is here to share with you amazing natural landscapes, hiking trails and delicious foods that you cannot miss while visiting Kansai, Japan!

Hana - content creator and foodie/munch enthusiast

Hana was born and raised in Slovakia but her adventurous nature took her to different parts of the world throughout the years. After living in Australia for 5 years, she decided it was time for a new adventure and so she moved to Osaka, where she teaches English in a private school and shares her passion for food and culture on Kansai Local and on the blog of her own. In her free time, she loves to explore Osaka and the Kansai area, hiking, writing and trying new dishes! Her favourite Japanese food is Okonomiyaki.


Jenny - content creator

Jenny is currently an English teacher in Kobe, Japan. She is hoping to start sharing her passion for Japan

and Kansai through blogging and Instagram. When she’s not working and writing blogs for Kansai Local, she loves to travel, eat, game and seek out special things to do wherever she goes. Her favourite food in Kansai are all things hojicha-related and takoyaki.


Eco Travel Mindset

At Kansai Local, we are determined to push forward the Ecotravel and sustainable travel mindset. We all have a duty, especially if we are fortunate to travel by air, to look after our earth. Especially as we want to to be happy and healthy so that we can travel it in all its beauty! As well as carbon offsets, we also organise trash pick-ups in the Kyoto area. If you want to find out more about this, get in touch with us via our facebook page here.

We hope this website helps you in your travels! Stayed tuned for regular travel tips and advice! Get in touch with us via Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions or feedback!

If you're interested in looking after the environment, we strongly recommend you to visit, where you can offset your travel carbon footprint. Check it out!

Ed does epic adventure tours around Kyoto and the Yoshino mountains to areas that are not known by the tourist maps! If this sounds awesome, tap here for more details. 

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