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Best Cafes to visit in Osaka

Article was written by Milosh, a champion of and an Osaka Local.

When in Osaka, you will undoubtedly know where your Castles and Dotombori Glico Man Signs are. But when you want to stop and have a break, finding a nice spot to soothe your hunger and refill your coffee reservoir might be a bit difficult in the Land of Hardly any English. So, here is a list of places in no specific order of tasty pitstops in downtown Osaka.

Brooklyn Roasting Company (Kitahama)

Originally from Brooklyn, this café has a bit of an industrial vibe to it. It shares space with a florist so you are surrounded by beautiful greenery.

But the best thing about this place is the terrace looking upon Tosahori River and Nakanoshima Park. The place is a station away from Osaka Castle, and Nakanoshima Park is a place where, besides picnics, frisbees and impromptu yoga sessions happen, occasionally has craft beer fests, dance rehearsals, and other fun stuff.

With drip coffee on almost every corner, it is hard to find good espresso in Osaka. Apart from the fantastic coffee, the place offers a selection of sandwiches and sweets. With friendly, English speaking staff, this place is fed on top of the list, whether you need a quick refill or comfy chill time. In the vicinity, you have a series of popular cafes such as Motto, Oxymoron, and Tea House which always has enormously long lines of people waiting outside to get in.

►Closest station: Kitahama Yodoyabashi

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Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama (inside)

Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama (inside)

Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama (terrace)

Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama (terrace)

Saturdays NYC, Lilo Coffee Roasters, and Streamer Coffee Company

When doing your Amemura (American Village) and the Triangle Park tours, the trifecta of good coffee
places is right down the street, heading from Namba to Shinsaibashi Station.
Streamers is a Starbucks like cafe with some original menu, and closest to the Amemura. Then we have
Lilo, a narrow place with a couple of seats outside, with the main barista participating in world coffee
championships. Finally, and furthest away from Amemura (still only 10 min walk) is Saturdays.
Saturdays sell surfing gear and chocolate-like creamy espressos. With that town being a bit on the
fancier side, you might find yourself sitting next to the busy looking people and their MacBooks, and
referring to themselves as entrepreneurs. Great coffee and very wide, well sunlit place, perfect for nice,
breezy weather.

►Closest Station: Shinsaibashi

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Saturdays NYC Cafe

Saturdays NYC Cafe


Nakazakicho, the north part of Osaka, is booming with new, “instagramable” cafes recently, but Amanto remains the old-school cheap coffee and good food kinda place. And still instagramable! You might miss the whole place due to it being absolutely overgrown with green.

Once inside, you realize that it is a more than 100 years old building being supported by additional beams. The straight-to-the-point attitude and international staff make it a more interesting atmosphere.

Amanto translates as 'those who aim for something godly'. No matter what your aims may be, coffee and homemade cheesecake combo is godlike! You, also, have a selection of toast and Japanese curry.

►Closest station: Nakazakicho Umeda

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Amanto - Salon de AManTO

Amanto - Salon de AManTO

Westwood Bakers

If you are not feeling risky with trying out something “Japanesy” you’ve never eaten before, Westwood Bakers have you covered with the familiar bacon/maple pancakes, omelettes, doughnuts, and all that good stuff. The wooden interior makes it feel like a cabin lodge, except it is right in the centre of the city.

►Closest station: Minamihorie

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Sanbangai Food Area in Umeda

For all you who’d like to do a little bit of browsing before making a decision, the Underground Food Area in Umeda might be the perfect place for you. From pasta to oldy feely Japanese grandma recipe Tempura and Ramen. As well as, salad bars, Taiwan ice-creams, and a newly opened food court with a wide sitting area. Umeda is, of course, a shopping centre so it is very convenient for a pre/post-shopping adventure. You also have a VR centre, HEP Ferris Wheel and Osaka station is 5 min walk from here. A place that is always on top of my list is Tsukemen Tetsu, for a hefty dosage of good ramen and a cold beer.

►Closest station: Umeda Nishiumeda Osaka

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Mitsuka Bose

Vegan options can be found in small amounts here and there, but a place that has a whole Vegan Menu is Mitsuka Bose, and offers the best, lightest yet filling ramen for body and soul. They make the soup from scratch, after you order, which means it might take a few more minutes for the food to arrive, but, also, that you won’t get any overcooked stale broth that may or may not destroy your stomach right after filling it up.

A nice walk away is Umeda Sky Building, one of the popular must-sees when in Osaka. It is especially pretty and romantic during illumination events.

►Closest station: Osaka

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