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We hope you are staying safe during these testing times. Travel to Japan is not possible for the time being as Japan has shut its borders in order to prevent more infections of COVID19. 

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A weekend in Tokyo - The best things to do
Best temples and shrines to visit in Kyoto
Explore Himeji and the most impressive castle in Japan
Explore the famous Geisha district of Gion!
Fushimi Inari - The Famous red gates in Kyoto
The polite and Sacred Deer in Nara Park
Things to do in Kyoto
Visit Kobe for the day

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Preparing for your trip

Preparing for your trip to Japan

There's not a country you'll have visited before that is quite like Japan. With a country that is so incredibly rich with unique culture, it can be quite daunting to know what to do, and we believe the big tourism websites will give you very touristic and perhaps not so authentic advice. Our mission is to get you guys off the beaten track to experience the REAL Japan. By booking your Japan Rail Pass and Accommodation via this website (by clicking on the links and ads) you help to keep the website free and for everyone to enjoy, and it supports us in bringing you the best off-the-beaten-path stuff to do, so thank you. We also organise volunteer trash pickups which Kansai Local funds. So thank you, dear traveller!


As trusted long term partners of, we obviously recommend you search for your accommodation with them. In all fairness, without being biased, they have an ever-growing and enormous selection of everything from hotels and luxury villas, to B&B style accommodation and hostels. We know planning your Japan trip can be stressful but by booking with, a huge amount of that stress is taken away as they have the most variety, best prices and best calculation policies. Tap here to start planning your accommodation with


Before you do anything, you’ll want to buy a Japan Rail Pass - Click here to buy online. Trains are the best way to get around Japan - the rail network in Japan is super efficient and there is no such thing as strikes or delays! Buying a Japan Rail Pass allows you to not have to fiddle around the confusing ticket machines at stations, and will allow you to save up to 62% on JR train travel, as opposed to actually buying tickets at the station. When you buy it, you'll get sent an exchange order, which you must take to a major Japanese train station and use to pick up your JR Pass.  Driving is not a good idea as there's always traffic, and toll prices of roads are expensive. However if you'd like to rent a car (perhaps you are travelling with your family etc), then click here to compare prices of rental cars in Japan.

 Respect and Etiquette

One of the most essential things we advise and in fact ask you to do is respect the delicate cultural nuances of Japan. Japan has a strong conformity culture, and people follow the rules of respect. Simple things like not talking loudly on public transport, holding onto your trash, not eating while walking, bowing and saying 'arigato gozaimasu' (thank you very much) etc, are essential in Japan. I'm sure your parents brought you up well, so just behave well!

 We do off-the-beaten path adventures and tours, to the places tourists and companies, don't know about. If you'd be interested in this, click here to find out more!