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Summer in Japan

Just a heads up...This summer (2018) Japan saw a major heat wave that has been declared a National Disaster. Temperatures have been highest since records begun. The death toll is 180 people in the past months. While the summer time is a fantastic time to come to Japan for all the Natsu Matsuri (Summer festivals) and beach trips etc, do consider that it gets incredibly hot and humid and what with global warming, it's likely to get worse next year. It regularly gets to around 38-40 degrees and combined with an average of 80% humidity, it really is dangerous. 

From summer festivals (Natsu matsuri) and firework shows (Hanabi taikai) to beetle hunting and beach days, summer is by far my favourite.

The noise of the cicadas in the trees bring back the most nostalgic feelings for me. Cicadas are insects that come out in July and live for 2 months. They make incredibly loud noises and, to me, are the true sign of summer.

When it comes to putting on a festival of spectacular proportions, Japan wins hands down.  Festivals (matsuri) are held throughout the year but the summertime ones are among the very best – they energetic, exciting and enjoyable, and anyone is welcome to participate.

Things to do...

Festivals in Kansai this summer

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Explore Kyoto this summer

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Take a trip down to Shirarahama Beach

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Explore the Washuzan Highland

29 Oct 2019

Washuzan Highland was once home to the Guinness World Record for the longest rollercoaster ride, an uninterrupted 1,050 laps on the Star Jet Line lasting just over 35 hours. Come explore this fascinating, slightly post-apocalyptic place with Kansai Local!

Taiyo Park

29 Oct 2019

Taiyo Park: Travel the Wonders of the World in this Eerie Theme Park A nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities sits adjacent to a run down replica of the Great Wall of China. Welcome to Taiyo Park. Explore the Kansai Local guide to the spooky Taiyo Park!

Top 3 Permanent Cafes in Kansai

07 Oct 2019

If you're into all things cute and geeky in Japan, here is the Kansai Local up to date guide on the best permanent character cafes in Kansai!

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