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Yoshino Mountains Epic Adventure Tour

Yoshino Mountains Epic Adventure Tour

The Yoshino mountain range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its stunning and heritage. Also famous across Japan for its stunning cherry blossom, many Japanese tourists flock to Yoshino Mountains to see the spectacular Sakura (Cherry blossoms) bloom. Many thousands of Cherry trees were planted at varying altitudes so that the bloom would come at different times, which created a very interesting spectacle. 

As well as cherry blossom, the Yoshino Mountain range has some stunning temples and shrines, one of them being Kinpusenji, which is the head temple for the Shugendo religion and the second largest wooden structure in Japan.

The Kansai Local tour of Yoshino Mountains is a walking tour that covers most of the must-see parts of the mountain including some secret hidden spots. We will stop off for lunch at some of the local restaurants where all the ingredients are locally sourced (Boar, Deer, Fish, vegetables all sourced from the mountain). 

The Tour is led by Ed Whalley. Ed Is half Japanese and Jalf English, but the Japanese side of his family is from Yoshino. Spending a lot of time growing up here, he knows the area very well, including all the best and secret spots.

We will visit some of the Temples and Shrines during the walking tour. Bear in mind it is a walking tour up a mountain, so it’s quite strenuous… bring comfy walking shoes! 

The tour starts at 10:00 from Yoshino station, which is relatively easy to get to from Kyoto and Osaka and we will finish at around 18:00. 

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch below!

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Yoshino Mountains Epic Adventure Tour

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United States


Sat 05 Oct 2019

Ed's tour was incredible! His excitement and love for the area was infectious. I was in a small tour (only one other person), but the whole experience felt even more personal as he spent most of the train ride there getting to know the both of us. Since our group was so small, he actually invited two of his friends to join us there who were also both experts on the area!

He took us to multiple spots along the whole mountain before ending at the top, snapping pictures the whole way (which looked amazing). Ed created such a welcoming atmosphere that by the end of the tour it felt like we were all friends. It was easily one of the highlights of my trip, and I would gladly recommend this tour anytime!