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Explore Yoshino

Located in the heart of the Kansai region, near Nara prefecture is Yoshino. Yoshino is renowned across Japan as one of the most beautiful parts of Japan.

Famous for its beautiful temples, incredible history, and for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Yoshino mountains, it is certainly worth a visit. Yoshino is particularly beautiful in Spring and Autumn, as the mountains are covered in cherry blossom (Sakura) in spring, and autumnal leaves (Koyo) in autumn.

As it is very rural, there aren't many public transport services. The main stations of Yoshino are Yoshino station and Yoshino Jingu which is one stop before Yoshino station. These are on the Kintestu line and are around a 45 minute /1-hour train ride from Kyoto or Osaka. From Yoshino station, you can walk up to the mountain village / main area very easily in 15 minutes or so.

If you are coming from further out, you will be travelling on JR lines. Buying a Japan Rail pass will make things cheaper and easier. Click here or on the ads on this page to buy one.



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Explore the Yoshino Mountains

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Yoshino mountain Ryokans and Hotels

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Temples and Shrines of Yoshino

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Explore the Washuzan Highland

29 Oct 2019

Washuzan Highland was once home to the Guinness World Record for the longest rollercoaster ride, an uninterrupted 1,050 laps on the Star Jet Line lasting just over 35 hours. Come explore this fascinating, slightly post-apocalyptic place with Kansai Local!

Taiyo Park

29 Oct 2019

Taiyo Park: Travel the Wonders of the World in this Eerie Theme Park A nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities sits adjacent to a run down replica of the Great Wall of China. Welcome to Taiyo Park. Explore the Kansai Local guide to the spooky Taiyo Park!

Awaji volunteer trash pick up

01 Jul 2019

Single use plastic in Japan is a massive issue. A few friends and I organised a volunteer trash pick up with on the pretty island of Awaji.

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